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Disaster management plan. as the outline that i have attached.

Possible Intrusion at Holy Family Catholic School
Step 1:
prepare tools
Step 2:
My plan is for Holy Family Catholic School. HFCS is a private, Catholic school with approximately 240 students ranging from grades Pre-K through 8th grade. There are also 25 staff members.
Step 3:
THIRA Risk Process:
1. Identify the Threats and Hazards of Concern
a. Human-caused incidents: Intruders
i. Criminals
ii. Parents
iii. Staff
iv. General outsiders
2. Give the Threats and hazards Context
a. Intruders are any individual unwelcome in the building. Intruders are a major concern in the education system. They may come in the form of a visible criminal; someone unrelated to the school, as well as a parent or staff member with ill-will towards someone or something within the school.
b. An intruder may attempt to enter or attack the building at any time during the day, however an attack during school hours, specifically recess would have the greatest impact.
c. If the intruder entered the building during recess, it would be the hardest to keep the children safe as they are all outside and cannot be confined.
d. The number of staff on recess duty would have a large impact on how the incident can be managed.
3. Establish Capability Targets
a. If there was an intruder during recess hours, the staff needs a plan to keep the children safe and out of harm’s way.
i. Each adult on recess duty must know which children they are responsible for in the case of an attack.
ii. The adult must also know the plan of action, or place to take the children, if there was an attack.
iii. The children should also be aware of who and where they need to be if an attack were to occur.
b. Gathering children should occur within a matter of minutes. Adults on recess duty should be able to transport students to designated safe location within minutes of possible threat.
4. Apply the Results
a. For this plan to work out, numerous close locations for children are needed. Enough adults on staff are also needed to assure no child is left behind.
Step 4:
FEMA incident Action Planning Guide
1. Understand the situation
a. A plan is needed to protect the students of HFCS while at recess in the instance that there is an intruder.
b. Teachers must be made aware that there is a threat.
c. Students are distributed throughout the large playground and must know that there is a threat.
d. Students must be guided and moved to a safe area on the playground. The Fence along Atlas received the most traffic and children will be safest if directed to this area.
e. A specific bell will be assigned that will indicate there is a threat.
2. Establish incident objectives
a. Listen for threat bell to siren
b. Do not panic
c. Gather children quickly
d. Take children to safe area
e. If call phone is available, call 911.
3. Develop the plan
a. Assign bell tone to indicate there is a threat.
b. Assure all classrooms have access to ringing the bell.
c. Designate ‘safe’ area on playground.
d. Call for meeting with staff to go over plan.
e. Have staff explain plan to students.
4. Execute, evaluate, and revise the plan
a. Plan a drill to practice the plan.
b. Continue to practice so students are aware of what they need to do.
Step 5:
1. Exercise Name: Playground Evacuation
2. State Date: April 2017-continous
3. Scope
a. There will be multiple practices of the playground evacuation plan.
4. Mission Area
a. Prevention
b. Protection
c. Mitigation
d. Response
e. Recovery
5. Objectives
a. Keeping the students of HFCS safe.
6. Threat
a. Intrusion
7. Scenario
a. An intruder may enter the building of HFCS. This plan is meant to prevent harm from being inflicted on the students.
8. Participation
a. Students
b. Staff
c. volunteers
9. Point of Contact
a. Whitney Dudley
i. 208-651-9742
ii. [email protected]com
Homeland Security. (2013). Threat and Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment Guide, 2. Washington D.C.
Homeland Security. (2012). FEMA Incident Action Planning Guide. Washington D.C.
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