CV Physiology

  1. List the electrical properties of cardiac muscle cells (myocardium) and pacemaker cells. Include the channels and ions involved in the electrical changes.
  2. Use slide # 32 (fig 19.24) in CVP I lecture and describe what each of the deflection waves shown represents. After answering part 1 of this question, use slide # 32 to describe briefly the movement of the AP through the conducting system of the heart, make sure you include the structures of the system.
  3. Describe the pressure changes that occur in the heart and include the event that results from the changes (use slide # 40 in CVP I lecture to assist you)
  4. Use slide # 21 in the CVP I lecture to describe how the ANS causes changes in heart rate. Describe it using the changes to the pacemaker potential/prepotential.
  5. Review the power point presentation titled “Cardiac Cycle Phase” and list the phases provided. As part of the answer and along with the phase, describe your understanding of what occurs to blood movement only.

Sample Solution