Cyber-security policy

You will submit your creation of a cyber-security policy. The cyber-security policy will assess how the Equifax will interpret security issues that occur in the workplace. The cyber-security policy will also distinguish and examine ethical issues in the workplace that pertain to social media, email, and

  1. Compose an Equifax security policy that protects the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the organization’s data?
  2. Evaluate the current U.S. cyberlaws; state statutes; and criminal, civil, private, and public laws and compare them with the Equifax security policy to ensure compliance?
  3. Assess the network cyber-security policy to determine if the policy is able to minimize risks and vulnerabilities?
  4. Develop security policy sections that identify acceptable use for users pertaining to privacy, social media, email usage, and internet usage in the workplace?

Sample Solution