“Cyber Terrorism and Technology:

https: /Avww.foreignaffairs.com/articles/world/201 7-06-01/cyberterrorism-and-biotechnology
“Cyber Terrorism and Technology: When ISIS meets CRISPR” Foreign Affairs, June 1, 2017. Follow the link provided above,
What are your three major takeaways from this article and why? You may number them
How has Iran managed to justify and consolidate the power of the Islamic Guard? While the Islamic Revolution was a popular one in 1979, do you think it can be sustained in 2018 and beyond? If so, how? Through force and brutality, through political culture, through religious doctrine, through public policy, or through capturing the hearts and minds of young Iranians? How do social media and technology interfere with or help out the Islamic regime? Do you think as our world becomes more globalized that Iran will change either through economic changes or through cultural practices/political policies?

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