Dance in Istanbul

As examples of dances in sacred ritual, how would you write a compare and contrast essay about Sema of
Sunni Mevlevis and Semah of Shia Alevis?
Explore in-depth the following prompts in 800 words long four-paragraph format.
You can add images, diagrams, and necessary tools to support your compare and contrast essay.
Everything should be created in a word document and submitted correctly into this Turnitin inbox.
In your essay explain in detail the following questions:
1- Give a detailed contextual description of the religious aspects of the rituals.
2- What are the similarities and differences of the movements of Mevlevi Sema and Alevi Semah?
3- What are the similarities and differences in the use of the space?
4- Explain what are the meanings behind the specific gestures and movements?
5- In these rituals what are the signifiers of the relations of the participants to each other? Are there any
6- What are the dress codes and their meanings?
7-Describe the contemporary applications of both dances. Contextualize these applications. Are they religious?
Compare them to the traditional version of the dance form. What is the reaction of the community (the
community of Mevlevi Order or the Alevi community) towards these new interpretations of the dances?
8- Give a detailed citation. You need to have in-text citation when necessary [such as (Ersoz, 2020)] and at the
bottom of your essay, you should have your references listed according to the guidelines presented in the

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