Dancing, being a nurse, bowling

The purpose of this speech is for you to showcase your skills thus far, by creating a speech that will allow you
to share more about yourself with us!
An artifact is a tangible object which represents a part of your life, a part of how you are. You’ll be giving your
audience an insight into you, as a person, through your chosen artifacts. You’ll need to describe two to three
(2-3) items that represent who you are, to your audience! I would encourage you to select at least two items
but no more than three, based on the time parameters of the speech (3-5 minutes in length).
Construct this speech taking into consideration your classmates’ answers to the audience analysis questions
you posed and received information on. For instance, if students have never played your favorite sport or
hobby, be sure to provide a brief insight into it and why you enjoy it. Or, if your classmates haven’t traveled to
your favorite place, be sure to share a brief description of it and why it’s important to you. That way, everyone
will understand what you’re talking about.
You’ll also want to incorporate the outlining techniques that you’ve learned with main and sub points, along with
constructing a solid introduction and conclusion.
Incorporate additional concepts examined thus far in the course: building confidence, ethics, developing
purpose and topic, adapting to your audience and delivery.

Sample Solution