Data Analysis

Interpret the results from the analyses you have performed thus far. Some of this may involve some repetition from your earlier submission of your preliminary analysis. The purpose of this submission is to demonstrate that you have moved further along in your analysis and are ready to provide an interpretation of results that are useful for your original questions in your proposal. In your previous submission, you may have encountered issues in your analysis that have hopefully by now been resolved. The paper should look pretty close to the completed paper.

This submission should include:

A brief summary of the problem you are addressing
A complete discussion of all analyses you have conducted thus far. Much of this can be taken from your earlier submission on your preliminary analysis, along with any changes you have made to your earlier analyses and any additional analyses you have conducted.
An interpretation of the results of your analyses, including:
Interpretation of any statistical results (e.g. coefficients from regression, odds rations, ANOVA tables, etc.)
Interpretation of fit statistics of the results (p-values, R-squared values, AUC, etc.)
Visualizations to help clarify the output of your analyses. These could include (but are not limited to):
Plots of dependent versus independent variables
Average values of target variables for different categories of independent variables
Heat maps
Discussion of the implications of these results.
How are they valuable in answering your original questions?
Do the results provide answers to the questions you originally asked?

Comments from Customer
This is the requirement for preliminary analyses:
Briefly discuss the problem you are addressing and the questions you are trying to answer. Much of this can be carried over from your proposal with some modification.
Discuss the data that you are using
Where did you get it?
What fields does it contain?
What does each row in the data contain
What did you have to do to get the data into a format that is ready for analysis
Discuss the types of analysis that you have run to attempt to answer your questions.
Provide some output of each analysis. This could include:
Statistical output, if a statistical output is conducted
Aggregate tables
A brief discussion of the preliminary findings
Are the analyses you have run helpful in answering your question?
Has your preliminary analysis made you re-think any of your original assumptions or the questions you are trying to answer
What is your next step? What additional analyses will you run?

Sample Solution