Data Collection

Create the frequency distribution and a distribution for the specified class interval Graph the results as a histogram and frequency polygon Calculate the standard deviation Please post an image of your handwork that shows the histogram, polygon, calculations for SD, etc. For the following scores, create the frequency distribution, distribution for a class interval of 4, and graph as a histogram and a frequency polygon.
15 18 25 34 42 17 19 20 15 33 32 28 15 19 30 20 24 31 16 25 26
Using the same set of scores provided above, please calculate SD using the formula provided in the text (no graph necessary) 1. Sum of all test scores 2. Find mean 3. Test score – mean 4. (Test score – mean)2 5. Sum (Test score – mean)2 6. Sum (Test score – mean)2/(number of scores)

SD = square root of this final number
this second part of data: Derived scores from the raw score
An individual receives a raw score of 62 on a national standardized test. Given that the mean & standard deviation of the test were 58 & 8, respectively, calculate the individual’s Z-score (show your work). z=X-M / SD Using the z-score, find the following derived scores: z(SD) + M a. percentile (approximate) b. T-score c. Deviation IQ d. Stanine e. Sten score t Normal curve equivalent (NCE) g. SAT-type score h. ACT score i. A publisher-type score that has a mean of 75 & SD of 15









Sample Solution