Data Collection, Analysis, and Management

Upon completing this unit, you should be able to:

  1. describe implementation of the plan for data collection,
  2. understand and activate data analysis processes,
  3. understand and effectively manage distribution channels for findings from data analysis processes, and
  4. determine the appropriateness of the data collection methodologies for the purpose of the needs assessment plan and for the organization.
    o Unit 3 Study Notes
    o Self-selected readings and research on the topics of data collection processes, activities, analysis, and management applicable to the administration of a needs assessment.

Written Assignment
The following assignment should be 3,000 to 4,000 words (6-8 pages) of content, honoring APA-style formatting. For assistance with APA guidelines and requirements, please consult relevant links on the Wellehan Library’s website: Citing Sources.
Community: In embracing the Sebago Plan Model, the learner will craft, share, and discuss self-selected measurable unit learning objectives for the data collection, analysis, and management section of the needs assessment. In supporting the Saint Joseph’s College core value community, the learner will identify self-assessment measures that will be utilized to insure each objective is achieved.
Based on the data collection methodology as appropriate for responding to research questions, formulate a working plan for the collection, analysis, and management of data for the needs assessment plan, incorporating ethical data collection considerations, as follows:

  1. Describe implementation of the plan for data collection, including instrumentation design and development.
  2. Describe and activate data analysis processes, including utilization of quantitative and qualitative analysis techniques.
  3. Detail how data will be processed and coded to identify specific trends or common themes.
  4. Discuss and effectively manage the distribution of findings resulting from data analysis processes.
  5. Discuss the manner and process for data collection, analysis, and management in terms of alignment with methodologies selected in Unit 2.

Sample Solution