Data collection for different types of research (qualitative and quantitative studies)

1,)Present a plan about how you are going to collect your data. (2)Justify your plan.( 3) Explain why other types of plan would not work as well. (5) Comment on data collection of one qualitative and one quantitative research article from a peer reviewed scientific paper here is the web-site you can google and get the article ( pub med,google scholar American journal of public Health ,other scientific journals. (6)Five multiple -choice questions the writer has to read chapters 9,10,11,12.And make up five multiple choose questions , A,B,C,D,E,F,E, for answers and Answer with letter A is always going to be the correct answer. and the rest of the answers are wrong,The writer need to make up the questions and the answer ,That you can not google and find the answer ,do not ask question that can be literally fond in a book or web-site . Do not ask question that can be answered with an opinion . Ask question that allow you think critical thinking.

Sample Solution