Data flow graph

Problem -1: LO-2
Develop JUnit tests for the Stack class, the class is uploaded on Moodle in the file
Note: Make sure your tests check every method, but we will not evaluate the quality of your
test designs and do not expect you to satisfy any test criteria.
Submission requirements:
1- Test all the methods in Stack class
2- Explain your test code and submitted on TurnitIn
3- Screenshots showing the results of each test.
4- JUnit test file (JAVA files)
Problem-2: LO-4
Graph coverage criteria define test requirements TR in terms of properties of test paths in a
graph G. (For all the below points explain your answer with a simple graph)
a) Node coverage.
b) Edge coverage.
c) Edge pair coverage.
d) Complete path.
e) Simple path.
f) Prime path.
Problem-3: LO-4
Consider any real-world example to model software using the following scenarios.
a) Data flow graph coverage.
b) Structural graph coverage.

Sample Solution