Data Visualization

After you respond to the Prompt in Assignment 7.1, you should create an original graphic for the specific example you present in your Commons post.
If you could construct a picture that represents or applies meaning to your post, what would it look like? Think of theoretical images that you know (e.g., Bronfenbrenner). The graphic should identify a specific group of individuals (i.e., who), depict a specific interaction or activity (i.e., what), and a process (i.e., how).
The graphic should address who, what, and how discussed in 7.1 and align with the post in 7.1. You can create your graphic using any platform that allows you to save the image and upload it to the Dropbox. Examples of programs would be Microsoft PowerPoint or Canva
You should upload the graphic as a PDF, JPEG, GIF, or an active link to the visualization in a Word doc. Your professor must be able to open your design.

Then write a one-page narrative explaining your graphic. Explain who, explain what, and explain how. Then embed the graphic you design/create in the one-page file and upload it to the Dropbox.

Sample Solution