Database design

Database design project proposal: You need enough data to be able to perform searches and create reports. You can pull tables off the web or use what you have at your job. You are welcome to send me your ideas and we can discuss them.

Design Project Proposal that explains what kind of database you will design, the type of information your database will contain, and the type of information output for your database.

Use the following questions to guide you as you plan the needs and features for your database.

What is the purpose of the database? Why is it needed? What should it do?
Who are the users and what are their information needs?
What are the questions that the system should answer?
What type of input data is going to be available to the database?
What kind of information should be stored in the database?
Then, write a one-page, proposal that addresses the following:

A description of the problem domain (written using terminology that a user of the system would use; no need for technical database terminology.)
Choose a domain with which you are familiar. Your domain should be different than examples provided in the textbook and in Blackboard.

Sample Solution