Death anxiety

The Epicurean perspective and the Existential perspective. Which perspective seems more plausible, more
reasonable, or more valuable to you? Why? Be specific. You must include all the following elements in your
paper (please write your response in paragraphs, not numbered, listed, or bulleted):
Paragraph 1-Intro paragraph: what is death anxiety mean to you? Frame your paper by giving a scenario when
you or someone experiences death anxiety. Briefly explain how the two perspectives (epicurean and
existential) we discussed in class resolve death anxiety. Your last sentence in your first paragraph should
include your thesis: which theory are you choosing?
Paragraph 2: Explain how your chosen theory works in general. Include a quote from one of the articles.
Paragraph 3: Relate your theory to the real life scenario you discussed in paragraph 1. Illustrate how your
chosen theory works in response to death anxiety. How does your theory work to make us feel better?
Paragraph 4: Anticipate an objection/problem/criticism to your chosen theory. Include a quote from one of the
articles. This could be a problem with your chosen theory or this could be a valid point from the other theory.
Paragraph 5: Address the anticipated objection/problem/criticism. How would your chosen theory respond to
the problem presented in paragraph 4?

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