Death Penalty


For purposes of this paper you will conduct an ethical analysis on one of these two criminal justice policies: the death penalty or the decriminalization of drug use/addiction.

You will examine and analyze either of these two criminal justice issues/policies in light of the values and ethical systems we are studying this semester. The paper must focus on an analysis of the policy from an ethics perspective. This is not an opinion/persuasion paper, nor a paper that discusses the policy in terms of historical development or the impact of the policy on crime or crime rates.

During this class, we have been analyzing a number of ethical systems. For this paper, you should select only TWO of the ethical systems listed below and frame your analysis using the two (2) ethical systems you select.

This is not a paper in which you should express your personal opinion (the words I or we should not appear in your paper); but, it will require you to analyze, synthesize, and draw conclusions based on the application of scholarly research. You will need to utilize multiple scholarly articles (peer-reviewed journal articles), academic books, along with articles from the modules, and your textbook in order to complete this assignment.

The ethical systems you may choose from in order to complete your analysis of either the death penalty or the decriminalization of drugs are:
• Virtue Ethics
• Natural Law
• Kantian Ethics
• Utilitarian Ethics
• Situational Ethics
• Ethics of Care

Sample Solution