Declarations of Secession.

Discussion Board Topic: Read the following Declarations of Secession. (Note that each Declaration of the Causes of Secession is a primary source.) Pick one of the following Declarations, and then write a paragraph that explains that state’s reason(s) for seceding from the United States. How do the Declarations, written by the Southerners who seceded, challenge the Lost Cause claim about the cause of the Civil War?

The Declaration of the Causes of Secession for South Carolina, Georgia, Mississippi, and Texas are readily available online. The following link to Digital History’s “Explorations: Why did the South Secede?” will bring you to South Carolina’s Declaration of the Causes of Secession, December 24, 1860. (The text of the document begins with the text below that date.) Click on the Georgia, Mississippi, and Texas tabs to read each of those state’s Declaration.)Here is the link:

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