Deductive or inductive Arguments

Read the following arguments. Then, decide whether they are deductive or inductive. If they are
inductive arguments, evaluate their strength. If they are deductive arguments, evaluate their
1. The Farmer’s Almanac says that this winter will be very cold. The National Weather
Service also predicts that this winter will be very cold. So, this should be a cold winter.

2. Many walled towns in Europe do not let people drive cars into their centers. San
Gimignano is a walled town in Europe. It is likely that we will not be able to drive our car
into its center.

3. The window at the back of the house is broken. There is a baseball on the floor. A few
minutes ago, I saw two boys playing catch in a neighbor’s yard. They must have thrown the
ball through the window.

4. Every time I go to the beach I get sunburned. I guess I should stop going to the beach.

5. All my instructors have advanced degrees. George Martin is one of my instructors.
Therefore, George Martin has an advanced degree.

6. My last two boyfriends cheated on me. All men are terrible.

7. I read a study published by a pharmaceutical company that said that Accutane was safe.
Maybe the government was too quick to pull this drug off the market.

8. Chase is not very good-looking, and he dresses badly. I don’t know how he can be a good

9. No fictional character has ever had a fan club. Harry Potter does, but he is the exception.

10. Two weeks ago, my instructor refused to accept a late paper. She did the same thing last
week. Yesterday, she also told someone that because his paper was late, she wouldn’t
accept it. I’d better get my paper in on time.





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