Deep Breathing, Muscle Relaxation, and Mindfulness Meditation Practices

Describe what you experienced in your practice, including your overall degree of relaxation, sense of control, and level of energy prior to and following your practice with the breathing exercises.

If you were able to utilize this practice in an actual stressful situation, describe your responses to the use of the breathing exercise. If you were not able to utilize the practice in an actual stressful situation, hypothesize how you think that you might respond to the use of this strategy when under stress.
• Muscle Relaxation: Mention the source you used for the detailed muscle relaxation procedure. Describe your reactions before and after the relaxation.
On a scale of 0 to 5 (with 0 being very relaxed and 5 being very tense), how relaxed did you feel prior to the exercise? After the exercise?
Were there any particular muscle groups that were hard for you to contract or relax?
• Mindfulness Meditation: Describe your reactions to your meditative experience. How did you feel about engaging in the meditative process?
How did you feel after completing the meditation session?
What sorts of thoughts or images came into your mind? How much difficulty did you have with distractions, and how did you deal with those distractions?
• Reflections: Of the two practices you experienced in this module, which (if any) of these might you see yourself using in the future with clients? Why or why not? In what sort of specific client situations do you think that teaching one of these practices to a client could be useful?








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