Write an essay responding to the following questions

1. Identify and describe the two main areas of concern in bioethics today. After describing these two areas, analyze your own area of concern. Give some thought to this part of the number, think about your own views on some of the ethical concerns addressed by Kass (e.g., abortion, genetic engineering, etc.)
2. Identify and analyze Kass’ distinction between “full human dignity” and “basic human dignity.” Use specific examples from the article to highlight the differences between these two definitions of human dignity. [Note: this should be the main part of this paper and necessarily the longest.]
3. Identify and explain Kass’ final definition of human dignity, the dignity of being “in-between.” What does he mean by that? How does the Biblical story of the Garden of Eden illustrate his point?
Write this as an expository essay and include proper documentation.



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