Definition of sincere performances

Goff man describes sincere performances by saying, ‘the performer can be fully taken in by his own act; he can be sincerely convinced that the impression of reality which hostages is the real reality” (17).The 2 questions you must answer are below. Identify a “role’ that you perform in your everyday life and describe the front that you use to perform that role. What is the setting and what kind of personal front do you use to-perform that role? Explain how that front (both the setting and the personal front) helps you effectively perform that role. Quote Hoffman at least once to support your answer.2. Goff man talks about how performances exist on a spectrum from cynical to sincere; and he gives several examples of people whose performances changed over time. Discuss time when you own performance went from sincere to cynical or from cynical to sincerer can be a change that happened slowly, over a long period of time, or a something that happened over the course of a single day. Explain why and how the change happened.Quote Goff man at least once to support your answer.

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