We read about deinstitutionalization, when mental health patients were released in mass numbers. Many of
those individuals did not thrive in society and ended up living on the streets. Please consider what you
learned as you answer the following questions:

  1. Many people who are living on the streets or in prison suffer from mental illness. Do you think society
    owes these people something more? Explain your position.
  2. Explain how conservatives and liberals would tend to view this social problem, why it is a problem, and
    what we should do to solve it.
  3. What about people who are mentally ill but do not want help from others? Do they have the right to live
    as they wish, even if it is on the street? What would you suggest as a solution to this problem? (Be
    creative- if there was an easy answer to this issue we would already have solved it).
  4. Think up at least one other case of social policy enacted with good intentions that ended up having bad
    consequences. Describe.

Sample Solution