Deliverable Milestones

You are a Supply Chain Analyst for a well-respected, designer leather goods company. The Chief Supply Chain Officer has tasked you with developing an end-to-end supply chain concept for the sourcing, manufacturing, and omni-channel distribution of a new high-end ladies handbag to millions of customers in the United States and Europe. Your company has a strong stance on sustainability and fair-labor standards and is willing to pay premiums to ensure its actions are in alignment with this position. Additionally, the company is seeking to develop strategic relationships with 3PL providers to assist in the management of inventories and distribution while reducing internal overhead expenses and personnel. The specific inputs of production for each handbag are: three yards of cowhide leather, two yards cotton for the lining, one gold-plated large zipper for the exterior, one small zipper on the interior, and one gold-plated strap buckle. The handbag is available in black and brown leather.

Determine total supply requirements by year and estimated costs for the three years. Apply frameworks to determine the locations from which to source supply requirements, manufacture the handbags, and 3PL partner




Sample Solution