Address each of the following IN ORDER (1-6).
For Marketing Plan assignments ONLY, number each response so we can EASILY differentiate your answers.
Provide the NAME of your business (and the type of business, if that’s not clear using the name only).
Identify and describe the consumers who are most likely to buy your product (the primary target market) in terms of their DEMOGRAPHIC characteristics and any other characteristics you believe are important.
Describe the MAIN problem(s) your product(s) will solve for your primary target market.
Identify and describe one psychological, sociocultural OR situational influence that may affect consumer behavior toward your product or service.
Identify three (3) pieces of information you would ideally like to gather for your Marketing Plan. Then, identify the method you will use to research each item of information such as an internet search, talking to prospective customers, looking at internal data, looking at external data, collect primary data, etc.
Using one of the techniques described in the textbook, make a sales forecast (in dollars) for your product/company for the first year of business. Be sure to include the technique you are using and how you came up with the actual forecast.

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