“Denial is Not A River in Egypt”

Read the story “Denial is Not A River in Egypt”

Write a 1 page Discussion (about 500 words).

On Monday Feb 1 we will briefly discuss it in class. No late submissions will be accepted.

What are some management lessons we can find in this story?
Consider the problems that led to this failure, the response of the project participants, the actions they took.
Identify and discuss two to five issues that you find interesting or important.
The reading assignments /discussions require critical thinking. You need to critique and comment on the story – Do not simply repeat the story. The focus is on discussing what you see as the important issues in depth. For example,

Explain the situation. Why it happened? What caused it? (think root causes). What were the reasons for the “problem” (if there was a problem), how could it be avoided?
Do not simply repeat the actions/behaviors / responses of the participants. Try to explain them (What drove them? What are the reasons for these actions/ reactions/ events?) and comment on them (e.g. are they expected / unexpected? What is surprising? Why so?)
Was there a solution? What are the important elements of the solution? Why was this solution se;lected? What made it effective / ineffective? Do you see other solutions? What were any implementation difficulties?
Finally, try to generalize- What can we learn form this?
What construction engr/ mgt challenges does the situation illustrate? Are these challenges rare or frequent?
What management strategies does the story highlight? Do you consider these strategies feasible? What are some difficulties implementing these strategies?
2.2.4. Justification – explain pedigree, suitability and shortcomings of proposed solution.

Sample Solution