Nhia Thoj is a 14-year-old Hmong male brought to the emergency room by his parents after he cut his wrist with a razor blade. Nhia’s right wrist required five sutures and his arm was wrapped with a dry dressing. You are called to complete a psychiatric evaluation.
Nhia recently failed a science test and his father was very upset with him. If Nhia fails science, he will not be accepted in the private prep school his father wants him to attend. His parents anticipate Nhia will complete prep school and then attend Cornell and then medical school. They expect him to become a physician and make the family proud. They are additionally concerned about Nhia’s violence to himself because the family is Buddhist.
Answer the following questions from your perspective as his psychiatric nurse practitioner.
How you would approach Nhia and his family? What information would inform your approach? Identify the top three issues you would be most concerned about.
How would evaluate the suicide attempt? Discuss your line of questioning and the rationale for your questions. In what order would you interview Nhia and his parents? Why would you sequence the interview in this way?
What level of care would be most appropriate for Nhia? Why?
How would you determine if Nhia has underlying depression or if this attempt was an impulse based on his poor test performance?
How would you address his parents if they want to see a psychiatrist and not a nurse practitioner? What if they were insistent about taking Nhia home because they could take care of him themselves, but your determination is that Nhia needs inpatient psychiatric treatment?







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