Descriptive essay

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Basic Instructions: This assignment asks you to describe an assigned scene by selectively applying the film terminology that we have discussed so far. This description should not simply catalog or list these formal features as they occur onscreen. Instead, the description should offer a synthetic account of how different formal features develop and change over the course of the scene. No plot summary is necessary. To write a successful paper, it is necessary to carefully re-watch the scene multiple times. Descriptive Essay #1 should draw on the vocabulary of mise-en-scène and cinematography. Such vocabulary includes but is not limited to the following: Blocking and dialogue * Props * Color * Lighting * Camera angle * Camera height* Camera level * Camera distance * Camera movement * Lenses* No doubt many of these terms must be further refined in order to provide accurate descriptions. For example, camera distance ranges from extreme long shots to extreme close-ups; a discussion of lighting might focus on shadows, directionality, and/or contrast. Other terms—for example, camera height and camera level—do not warrant mention unless the scene deviates from the norm.

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