Designing a Group


Review the list of group types below and select one for this assignment:

Task Group
Psychoeducational Group
Support Group
Therapeutic Group
With your selected group type in mind, consider the population and topic of the group you will design.

Write a 1,200- to the 1,500-word description of the group including the need and purpose it will serve in your community.

Include the following in your description:

Group population (age, gender, etc.)
Group topic, in addition to the need and purpose the group will serve (support, therapy, etc.)
Screening tools are used to match the appropriate client to the appropriate group. What type of screening questions or criteria might you use to select your group members?
What type(s) of documentation will you need for the group to operate and/or complete its goals? This might include a progress report or note. It may also include consent for treatment.
At least three scholarly resources outside of your course textbook

Sample Solution