CleanBody Organics is a national distributor of natural soap, moisturizers, and shampoo and conditioner. It has a brick-­and-mortar store in Asheville, North Carolina, which serves as a conduit for learning more about its customers, but the majority of its sales are from online distribution. As the organization expands, it has decided to supplement its previous strategic profile of directly selling to consumers with plans to also distribute its products in co-­ops and organic grocery stores.
The greatest concern in the planned expansion is ensuring that new employees have a strong sense of engagement and cultural values similar to those of current employees. The company’s CEO, Eve Libertine, wants to find out what motivates her current workforce, in hopes that she can use this message to hire and retain individuals with similar values and motivations in the future. As an astute student of staffing best practices, you have recommended that a careful job rewards analy­sis is a good way to achieve this goal.
Ms. Libertine has three key job categories that she wants to focus her analysis on. The first job is customer consultant, which other organizations refer to as a customer service representative. Individuals in this job respond to calls, e-mails, and online chats from customers with questions or complaints about products. This is a key job for the organization because of the large number of individuals occupying this role, as well as the strategic importance of maintaining customer satisfaction. The second job is a product development manager. These individuals are currently responsible for learning about the market for CleanBody products and will have an expanded role in determining how to market products to other retailers. The third page 196job is in production work. Individuals in this job make, cut, pack, and ship the soap, along with performing associated production-­area tasks like keeping records and cleaning production areas. This is another job that is expected to greatly expand in numbers as the push into retail sales increases.

1. Find three job titles on O*NET that are relatively similar to the jobs at CleanBody and identify the interests, work styles, and values that are compatible with these jobs.
2. Based on the overall culture of the organization, describe three or four key goals or values that may intrinsically motivate individuals to work at CleanBody.
3. Develop three to five questions for an open-­ended survey sent out to current CleanBody employees that will help refine your understanding of job rewards.

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