Designing a new business.

Design a new business. Taking off from the industry that you system diagrammed, find a new place of
value. This will require research and diagramming of businesses to find opportunities for improvement. If
you have an idea, find some similar businesses and break them down to understand how your idea could
really be built.

Obviously, you do not have to have every aspect of the business worked out, but using systems thinking,
the mapping methods, and your knowledge of supply and value chains, you should be able to consider new
business opportunities and how they might be actually manifested. You should discuss the management of
your supply chain and value chain and you should be able to answer the following questions which you
should use as a jumping off places for your white paper.

How does your business fit into the new value paradigms?

What industry are you trying to make better?

How does your business create value? (demonstrate with your system diagram)

How is your business sustainable (social, environmental, economical…)

What are some aspects of a supply chain code of conduct specific to your business?

What are some “business precedents?”

How does your business use big data/analytics?

How does your business ensure quality?

How do you manage your supply chain?

How do you mitigate risk?

Along with the above information should come in the form of a 1,000 word white paper or pitch of your
business which references the below diagrams/methods/maps which should be included in an appendix.
This paper or pitch deck should fully explain your business proposal.

Sample Solution