Designing a video game.

Design a video game. You will be responsible for all visual aspects of the game.
Write 250–500 words on the topics listed below and include a detailed analysis of
your decision-making process. Your chosen designers must be contemporary.
Again, support your artistic decisions and choices with detailed explanations, and
address the following in your response:
§ Genre: What type of game will it be? First-person shooter, fantasy, role-playing,
science fiction, etc.?
§ Visual style: What will the look of your game be? Realistic, graphic, painterly,
etc.? How will the look affect the shape language of your game?
§ Art director: What contemporary designer will you choose to set the visual style
for your game? What are the qualities of the designer’s past work that will
support your chosen design language?
§ Concept designers: Choose at least two contemporary designers you would
employ to work on your game. What are the visual qualities they would bring to
the game?

Sample Solution