Designing qualitative research

Various philosophical orientations hold unique epistemological and ontological assumptions. These assumptions return to the forefront of attention when considering how to evaluate the rigor or quality of various qualitative research designs.Typically, when speaking of validity, qualitative researchers are referring to research that is credible and trustworthy, i.e., the extent to which one can have confidence in the study’s findings (Lincoln VERY IMPORTANT FEEDBACK!!!!

A couple of good points made but first, the TII originality report shows some percent of similarity with outside sources. Please, either paraphrase them or put them in quotation marks as direct quotes. What does the Walden “Trustworthiness” document contain on the criteria for qualitative research? What do you mean by “consideration of ethical issues?” How specifically would you give consideration and what issues might present an ethical challenge, while conducting a qualitative study? Finally, what does it mean for a research topic to be amenable to scientific study using a qualitative approach?



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