Developing a Concept Map

Chapter 1,2,3,11
Ch. 1:
• What is the role of educational psychology?

Ch. 2:
• How does the brain work?
• What can Neuroscience tell us about teaching and learning?
• Why is Piaget’s theory of cognitive development still prevalent in education today?
• Is Vygotsky’s social-cultural theory more applicable to 21st century learning than Piaget’s?
Chap. 3:
• In what ways can Bronfenbrenner’s theory be applied to Erikson’s 8 Stages of Psychosocial Development?
• What is the school’s role in fostering moral development for students?
Chap. 11:
• In what ways is Bandura’s theory of social cognitive learning theory similar to Vygotsky’s social-cultural theory?
• How do emotions play a major part in self-regulation in terms of learning for students?

Choose 2-3 theories from the 4 chapters that resonate with you. Briefly explain their importance to you. Give examples of how you as a future teacher could apply them in your classroom to engage and motivate student learning.

Sample Solution