Developing a Job Search Strategy

1.Plan a job search strategy to get a job as a social worker.
Research steps to take in planning your search (either on the internet or through personal contact with friends or acquaintances. Any method is fine. Describe these steps.

  1. Conduct an initial job search on the type of social work job or jobs that interest you and describe the methods you used in your search, such as job search engines, agency websites, personal contacts: also write on the following:

a. What skills are being asked for and do you think you have them?
b. How can you frame your skills and experience to fit with the ideal requirements advertised?
c. What questions do you have about what you are finding?

  1. Research one or two professional organizations that social workers belong to, that may be of use to you in your future networking and career advancement. To the extent that you can determine at this point, what do they offer?
  2. Research “Elevator Pitches” and write your own.
  3. Conclude with a paragraph stating your reactions to the initial job search experience.

a. What have you learned about the job search that may be helpful (search engines, networking, etc.)?
b. Is there anything that surprised you?
c. What was your personal reaction to the assignment?

Sample Solution