Developing an Original Research

Rough Draft Your goal with this project is to contribute new knowledge to our understanding of one of the plays Oedipus, Hamlet, The Three Uses of the Knife, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Disgraced. You will do this by developing an original research question and conducting research to answer that question. You will begin by finding a specific opportunity for conversation (something that interests you). You will then go through a process that will prove useful as you undertake research assignments in future courses: 1: develop an original research question 2: find reliable sources that help you answer that question 3: read and annotate those sources in an optional but highly recommended annotated bibliography 4: present your answer to that question (your claim) . 4 Include relevant quotations You are not restricted in the evidence you use in this essay. To the challenge of locating an opportunity for conversation and formulating a question, therefore, this assignment adds the tricky task of finding reliable and relevant sources and analyzing them to answer your question. If done well, your claim will serve as a theory that could be tested against the research other students have conducted.
Details: 4 Include relevant quotations Your rough drafts should be formatted according to MLA guidelines, which you can find in the syllabus and at: https://owl.purdue.edutowUresearch_and_citation/mla_style/mla_formatting_and_styleguide/mia_general formahtml
































































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