Developing global marketing plan

Continue developing global marketing plan for your fictitious global company with the headings below.
VII. Planning Budget

  1. Detail a supporting budget that is essentially a projected profit-and-loss statement. It must show expected revenues (forecasted number of units sold and the average net price) and expected costs (of production, distribution, and marketing). The difference is the projected profit.
    VIII. Implementation And Control
  2. Outline the control that will be used to monitor progress and allow upper management to review implementation results and spot products/and or services that are not meeting their goals.
    IX. Monitoring of Action Plan
  3. Spell out how your marketing strategies will be turned into specific action programs that answer the following questions:
     what will be done?
     When will it be done?
     Who is responsible for doing it?
     How much will it cost?
    X. Implementation of Recommendations
  4. Formalize the recommendations of your team final Project
    XI. Bibliography/References

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