Produce a report, demonstrating the understanding of how you can develop yourself as a manager by applying the theories and practices of management behavior with the following:

1.1 compare different management styles

You need to compare a minimum of 2 different management styles that are used in a hospitality organisation, which means that you need to list the characteristics of each management styles and explain them

You can do so by using a table or just by listing them. If you choose the later, make sure that your ideas are organised properly, explaining each management styles in full before starting another one.

Compare Autocratic, democratic, laissez-faire, paternalistic through the discussion of their merits or demerits or when they are best used

1.3 evaluate communication processes in selected businesses

Evaluate the communication process within a minimum of 2 different businesses

Explain briefly the types of communication such verbal, written, non-verbal, formal, informal, lines of communication, and then explain how your selected businesses communicate (internally, externally towards customers, advertisement).

Moreover, you need to explain the channels of communications ( (internally, externally, vertical, lateral, diagonal and how it is done: advertisement, magazine, meeting, etc..)

1.4 analyse organisational culture and change in selected businesses

Analyse organisational culture and change in the same selected businesses than A/c 1.3

Define organisational culture generally and then analyse the culture in the same selected businesses than AC 1.3 as well as how cultural change happened.

What they believe in, such as power culture, task culture, person culture etc.
In addition, examine how, history, size, location, strategy etc. can change the culture


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