Developing Professional Nursing : Partnering with Consumers

‘Effective partnerships are linked to a positive experience for patients, as
well as high-quality health care and improved safety’ (ACSQHC, 2017).
For this assessment, you will be required to choose ONE ‘action’ from
the ‘Partnering with Consumers’ standard from the Australian
Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care and examine clinician
resources related to that action during your PEP that effectively aim to
promote a person-centred approach to care.
You will be required to answer a series of questions related to that action
which will require you to draw on those clinician resources sourced and
engage with the literature to draw your own conclusions on the
following questions:
How do those resources meet the related action?
How effectively do you think they are implemented in your
What considerations may they create for your own future
professional practice?

Sample Solution