Developing Strategic Management and Leadership Skills

Explain the link between management and leadership with specific reference to the
difference between the two disciplines. From this description, provide an explanation of
how management and leadership impact strategic decisions and show how leadership
styles can be adapted to different situations in the workplace. Give practical example
from your own workplace (Amazon) to illustrate your understanding of this Learning

Reflect on the impact that selected theories of management and leadership have on
your organisational strategy (Amazon) and devise a leadership strategy that you
believe will support your organisation’s direction. Apply the theories of management
and leadership and give practical application thereof on your workplace based (Amazon)

Building on the second task, you now need to use the appropriate methodsto review
the current leadership requirements specific to Amazons direction, objectives and
goals. Based on the shortcomings and organisational specific leadership and managerial
needs, relative to its envisaged strategy, you need to construct a plan for the
development of future leadership requirements in Amazon.

In conclusion of the assignment, reflect and report on how useful the methods are that
you used in Task 3 to plan the development of leadership skills that is required for the
specific strategic direction of Amazon.

Sample Solution