Developing trauma-informed policy and procedures

This assignment provides the student with an overview of how to create and implement an institutional
framework for trauma-informed services in identified areas of the organizational infrastructure. This includes
(but not limited to): policies and procedures, program delivery, staff development, and administrative practices.
Utilizing data from the Trauma Informed Organizational Assessment, create policies and procedures and forms
that would be reflective of information that would be included in an organizational manual for Staff
Development and Clinical Supervision.
You may address results from the assessment you facilitated in the earlier assignment.
Please note that although this is an oral presentation, and PowerPoints may be utilized (but other methods
may be used instead), all information must be appropriately cited
A References page ( or slides) must be submitted as part of the assignment
PowerPoints and documents must be uploaded to CANVAS
Develop one trauma-informed Policy and Procedures on an issue of your choice based on the gaps that may
have come forward in the assessment you facilitated in Assignment II
Sample templates you may use to complete your P&P is on CANVAS
Develop a form for the policy and procedure which reflects the content of that P&P. For example if you are
writing a P&P to develop a trauma-informed intake process for clients, then you would have to develop the
intake form as well. The forms must be your own. If you create forms from adaptation of others works, it must
be cited.
For the policy and form you develop, identify as to how this P&P and form demonstrate a trauma-informed
response to the issue. Utilize readings to support your statements, as applicable. No more than one page for
the P&P’s analysis. This will be uploaded to CANVAS in addition to the Power Point
The PowerPoint or demonstration portion of this assignment will be an individual assignment due to our low
class numbers.
Students will receive individual grades.
For the Presentations (minimum requirement):
Present the the P&Ps you developed
Present the form that corresponds to that specific P&P
Identify and discuss how trauma-informed principles were embedded in both the policy written and the forms
developed. Utilize citations, readings and references to support your analysis
Integrity to APA format

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