Development of a shared theory in palliative care to enhance

As a group, select a practice theory or model using the Week 3: Application to Pragmatic Adequacy Group
Discussion—Select a Practice Theory or Model:(Development of a shared theary in palliative care to
enhance nursing competence) . Then using Fawcett’s framework for theory evaluation (as discussed in
Peterson & Bredow, 2016, p. 43), discuss to what extent your selected practice theory or model meets the
criterion of pragmatic adequacy (that is, how well the theory or model can be utilized in real-life situations,
particularly clinical practice) by addressing the following:
3- Evaluate the practice theory or model.
a. Describe the special education and/or skill training recommended for nurses so that the theory or model
can be used in their clinical practice.
b. Is it possible to derive clinical protocols from the theory or model? If yes, briefly explain. If no, explain
why not?
c. How often has the theory or model been used for nursing research? If it has been used for research,
provide a full APA citation for one study example that used this theory or model. If it hasn’t been used,
please explain why it hasn’t been used.
d. Discuss at least two favorable outcomes that result from using this theory or model as a basis for nursing

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