Development of health promotion plans with patients, families, communities, and professionals is vital to the improvement of health disparities and disease
prevention. As an advanced practice leader you are required to develop a plan that promotes health on the clinical unit or in your community that can be
shared with clients. Select a health promotion topic and complete an interdisciplinary collaboration plan for the roll out of this project.
Identifies a health promotion need on the clinical unit, facility, or in the community that impacts health and includes literature support that demonstrates it’s a
Addresses why collaboration is important and what techniques will be incorporated including how interdisciplinary strategies will be utilized. Literature
support for how the plan will improve outcomes needs to be included.
Identifies team members for supporting this plan including how the health promotion plan will be rolled out. Literature support that demonstrates the
benefits of an interdisciplinary approach to health promotion needs to be included.
Abide by the Chamberlain College of Nursing Academic Integrity Policy.
Sources older than five years may not be used without the permission of the class professor

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