Development of Our Current Welfare System

trace the history of United States policy response to basic human needs. Here we are taking a look at the experience of a person who remembers the Great Depression, World War II, and/or the civil rights movement. This assignment will help you trace the development of our current welfare system.


Interview someone who remembers the Great Depression of the 1930s, World War II, and/or the civil rights movement. Ask her or his opinion on why these events happened and what it was like to experience them.
Ask if this person thinks the social policies and programs that arose as a result of these events, such as the New Deal policies, the GI Bill, and school segregation, were effective or not.
Based on your study of history and relevant literature, do you agree or disagree with this person’s opinion. Why or why not?
In your responses, reflect on what you learned from what your peer has shared and your opinion about the historical policies presented.

Sample Solution