Developmental stages

Select a developmental stage from the following list to be the focus of your best practices guide:

Early childhood (ages 2–6)

School-age children (ages 6–12)

Adolescence (ages 12–19)

Early adulthood (ages 20–35)

Middle adulthood (ages 35–64)

Late adulthood (ages 65 and over)

Reference your definition of social media from the Week 1 assignment, as well as the particular social media channels commonly used by this age group.

Research and discuss the general developmental psychology characteristics of your selected group, as well as the top 2 to 3 social media channels this group has been documented to use with the greatest frequency.

Write a 260- to 350-word summary of your selected developmental stage, including answers to the following questions:

Describe the overall characteristics of this developmental stage.

Discuss social media adoption and use within this stage.

Identify two to three social media channels most used by this demographic according to research.

Discuss the benefits and risks particular to your selected demographic relative to social media use.

Sample Solution