Diabetes and heart disease

69 years old female patient with diabetes and heart disease. Patient has fallen 3 times in Nursing Home

Write and introduction about this disease and elderly. Describe care situation base on this disease , how you deal and help patient to face it creating a care plan for him , example listing daily medications and time he take it and how with the dentures. Write e conclusion

Analyze the challenges anatomical and physiological changes in the aging individual have on providing safe and effective care

  1. Conclude the health outcomes of the health promotion, disease prevention, and early detection and treatment of diseases
  2. Organize an interdisciplinary plan of care for the aging client
  3. Advocate for the protection of the aging population in the conduct of research
  4. Uphold ethical standards related to data security, regulatory requirements, confidentiality, and clients’ right to privacy.
    Research and organize literature for the Interdisciplinary paper due in week 14.

Incorporate health outcomes of the health promotion, detection of disease and disease prevention. Organize an interdisciplinary plan of care for your client and the delivery of safe and effective care. Choose a patient, a gender, a medical condition and a situation of patient condition and their disease process and apply standards that are evidenced based which help support for the protection of your client.

Incorporate concepts from Care of the Aging weekly powerpoints and the book-Gerontological Nursing and Healthy Aging (Toughy & Jett, 2018).

Sample Solution