Diagnostic decision making

Before moving through diagnostic decision making, a social worker needs to conduct an interview that builds
on a biopsychosocial assessment. New parts are added that clarify the timing, nature, and sequence of
symptoms in the diagnostic interview. The Mental Status Exam (MSE) is a part of that process.
The MSE is designed to systematically help diagnosticians recognize patterns or syndromes of a person’s
cognitive functioning. It includes very particular, direct observations about affect and other signs of which the
client might not be directly aware.
When the diagnostic interview is complete, the diagnostician has far more detail about the fluctuations and
history of symptoms the patient self-reports, along with the direct observations of the MSE. This combination
greatly improves the chances of accurate diagnosis. Conducting the MSE and other special diagnostic
elements in a structured but client-sensitive manner supports that goal. In this Assignment, you take on the role
of a social worker conducting an MSE.

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