Diagnostic Essay

Write the story of your self as expressed through art, dance, and film, both the witnessing of it and/or performing of it (if applicable). In other words, from as young as you can remember until now, tell a series of anecdotes or short narratives of the ways in which the viewing or creating of particular artworks, films, and dance pieces represent or have formed who you are as a person. In terms of what “art,” “dance,” or “film” is, that is up to your definition. In other words, feel free to include any works here that you would include in those definitions. This essay is more for me to get a sense of how these genres have worked inside your brain over the course of your life, and to see what types of texts have shaped you. Sometimes, depending on what students say, | slightly vary the examples of dance, art, and film | assign, so be as honest and as thoughtful as you can! Include any reflections you have about how they have informed you and why, and what they symbolized for you at the time.

Sample Solution