Diet Analysis Project

Example of diet analysis from an analysis program (Chronometer was used): examples posted below. Click on the blue links for the daily analysis, average 3 day analysis, macro-nutrient analysis (with individual
carbohydrate, lipid/fat, protein), micro-nutrients (Vitamin and Minerals). Use the analysis to answer analyze your intake based against recommendations. Use the AMDR (Acceptable Macro-Nutrient Distribution Range) which was explained in the chapters at the beginning of the semester. Compare to the MyPlate
recommendations established by U.S. DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE at (Links to an external site.). Use the Energy Balance assignment to compare the potential recommendation for your
individual needs against the diet analysis you obtained from your meals.
Remember: you need to provide copies of the analysis. You do not need to include all that are posted below
but at a minimum, provide each day (3 days) and the average of the 3 days.
Example of completed assignment sheet – see attached file (this is a real student example which has been modified and provided to get you thinking). You may notice that there are grammatical errors…please be
careful with your work.

Sample Solution