Diet Analysis

Choose either an App or a Website from the options below. Sign up and make an account.
Free Mobile Apps: MSN Health and Fitness, MyNetDiary Calorie Counter Pro, My Fitness Pal, Lose It, Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker by Spark People, Noom Coach: Weight Loss Plan, Calorie Counter by Fat Secret, Calorie Counter Macros
Websites for Computer: (Links to an external site), (Links to an external site), (Links to an external site)
– Track your food and exercise for at least 3 days following the directions on the App/Website.
– Answer the following questions about your experience using the App/Website. Please note, please answer each question separately, each question is worth 10 points for a total of 100 points.
1/ What is the name of the App/Website that you chose? Why did you choose this particular App/Website?
2/ What is the purpose of this App/Website? What type of user are they marketing it to?
3/ Explain the ease of use when inputting your data. Is this something you could do every day?
4/ What does the App/Website do with your data? What can you see? Does it set goals for you?
5/ List the features that are available to you on your App/Website and explain their purpose and/or benefit to the user.
6/ Explain which specific features you feel are most beneficial to the user and why.
7/ Would using this App/Website on a daily basis help you live a healthier life in regards to your diet and exercise? Explain why or why not.
8/ What did you learn about your current diet and exercise habits from doing this assignment?
9/ Are there any changes you will be making?
10/ Would you recommend this App/Website to others? Why or why not.




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