Make a log of what you eat every day. When possible, list the ingredients.
Do it for at least four days. When you’re done, how many of the items had food coloring? Sodium benzoate?
Sodium nitrate? Hydrogenated oil? Saturated fat? Read the ingredients. It will probably be terrifying to find out
what you’ve been eating. Once you have made your list, choose any two of the most common weird
ingredients you’ve been eating and see what you can find out about them. Then, try to think of ways to start
changing your diet. If for some reason you already eat “clean,” then I still want you to send me the log of what
you ate for four days and why you decided to eliminate chemicals and additives. In your teacher’s case, I’ve
gone on the Mediterranean diet for the most part and never eat after 7 p.m. for dieting reasons. And I cut out
soda! That was huge. And most sugar. I like stevia. 🙂 Your generation is the first to have heart disease at a
young age. Did you know that? My son also really likes Taco Bell and I worry for him. Lol! Anyway, turn in the
logs and two or three paragraphs on your reflection on your eating practices.

Sample Solution