Different immune cells mediate mechanical pain hypersensitivity in male and female

« Introduction
a. This section should introduce background that allows the reader to understand the broad field/significance of the results you will be
reviewing. It should not just be a summary of the article’s introduction. It should “set the stage” for the rest of the paper.
« Article Overview
a. This section should include a brief overview of the main points and conclusions of the article. Only pertinent points should be
stated — there is no need to include details of methods unless directly related to a main conclusion. Every result does not need to be
included, if not pertinent to the thrust of your review.
« Novelty of Results
a. This section MUST state how the results of the study are novel and put them in perspective of the field. WHY are they novel?
What was previously known? Why are these results an addition to the current field? Do they clarify something that was previously
unknown? This section MUST incorporate outside research and not just recapitulate the authors’ discussion.
¢ Outstanding questions
a. This section MUST incorporate outside research that puts the current study in perspective of the field. It must go beyond the
discussion of the current article being reviewed, and not just summarize their discussion points.
« Conclusion
« Bibliography

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